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Where is Darwin?
Why can't Darwin, California have broadband internet?
MULTIPLE T1 lines come into town, but no ISP will install the stupid $1,000 switch for DSL!

Verizon calls T1-line installation impossible,
but then installs T1 broadband to post office

For 10 years, Verizon said broadband internet was impossible in Darwin, California because installing the necessary T1 line was nearly impossible.

And then one day, Darwin residents awoke to find that Verizon had Slooooow dialup in Darwin, Californiainstalled a T1 line, bringing high-speed internet to the Darwin Post Office — which as the name suggests is in Darwin.

So let's explore in detail what other misinformation was bandied about in 2009, and how Darwin residents tried to help Verizon make more money.

2009 Internet service to Darwin via T1 breaks the theory barrier when Verizon installs a dedicated T1 line to the Darwin Post Office.

Residents talking with the installer were absolutely dumbfounded (aka knocked on their asses) to learn that the install took two guys one day. Previously, the existence of T1 lines into Darwin was flatly denied, and residents were told by Verizon that installing a T1 line (although theoretically possible) was a herculean task.

Multiple T1s already came to town
It now turns out that multiple T1 lines already come to the switch one mile outside town. The installation of more T1 lines is 99.9% assured by Verizon. The latter was discovered when a resident — posing as a commercial customer — called Verizon and attempted to order a business T1 line. Suddenly, nonexistent T1 lines became existent, and more T1 lines were possible!
More Darwinians fall on their asses, knocked off their feet.

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2000Verizon says no 56k for Darwin; 28.8 is all you get.
2008 — Despite Verizon saying DSL is impossible, residents discover DSL is not only possible but easily installed.
2009Darwin PO gets broadband internet via T1 despite Verizon saying T1 installation is nearly impossible.
Feb. 19, 2010 — The day that will live forever in Darwin history: County meets with Darwin residents and vows assistance in obtaining broadband.
March 5, 2010Verizon says no broadband for Darwin yet again as they install another T1 line which could be used for broadband.

Remember Verizon had told the town for almost 10 years that broadband was impossible because Darwin is too far from the switch for DSL. Okay, so Darwinians on their own find a completely common switch used all over the world for remote towns like Darwin. But then the phone company says, "No, no, no .... You hayseed hicks aren't top-flight highly paid engineers like we are at Verizon." A DSLAM switch won't help you without a T1 line, and installing a T1 line to Darwin is only at best theoretical.

So being true backcountry rubes, Darwin residents believed they were out of luck again. Afterall, why would Verizon lie to them? The phone company wants to make money like everyone else.

Suddenly without warning,
T1 internet appears overnight!

Then POOF!!! Seemingly overnight a full-speed 1.5mbps T1 line miraculously appears installed at the Darwin Post Office (funded by the federal government). Now it turns out that while Verizon said it probably couldn't be done, MULTIPLE (probably four or five) T1 lines ALREADY existed to Darwin. Not only did they exist, they were in constant use every day carrying normal phone service to Darwin's 45 (give or take) phones.

Yet, if you call Verizon, they will still tell you that DSL service to Darwin is impossible. Since they control the T1 lines, Darwin cannot have a contractor come in and install the switch and disseminate DSL to residents.

But c'mon here, you say. "This must be a mistake. Everything is in place. Basically all Verizon has to do is install an inexpensive switch at the end of a T1 line." Could it be that easy? Read what comes next, and see for yourself.

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