Why can't Darwin, California have broadband internet?
MULTIPLE T1 lines come into town, but Verizon will not install the stupid $1,000 switch for DSL!
This could be you
Current BLAZING 28.8k
Win a place in heaven!
Where is Darwin?

45 residents of a tiny desert town — near Death Valley — tear their hair out, caught in a corporate-double-talk Kafka-esque hell of unimaginable proportions.

residents beg and plead with Verizon for broadband!

Verizon's complete and utter indifference!

an eBay page take THREE minutes to load!!

residents pray NIGHTLY to strange other- worldy deities for broadband!!

the situation NEVER change despite hundreds of
phone calls!

tensions boil so residents squabble over trivial BALONEY!!!

government endlessly spin its wheels!

spinning counter.
Official number of Verizon and government excuses
Darwin, California FUN facts
  • NO 56k connection; ONLY 28.8k
  • NO broadcast TV; NO AM/FM radio
  • NO cell signal; NO stores, restaurants
  • 40 miles to groceries and gas
  • ALL phone calls are long distance
  • MULTIPLE T1 lines but NO broadband

What town could possibly need
broadband internet more than Darwin?
Want to know more?

Photo of nifty road sign pointing to darwin, california.

Badge: 10 years of mind-numbing frustration!

Alexander Graham Bell asks phone repair guy to connect Darwin to DSL.  Phone guy says:  We're the phone compnay.  No can do!  We can't; we won't; we don't know how!

Have a solution? Or e-mail Inyo County and Verizon to give Darwin broadband!

The old Darwin site

The world's best guitar cables are
at the Death Valley Cable Company

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