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[Editor's note made in 2008: How soon we forget. When the Darwin, California, web site first appeared in 1997, other sites even remotely connected with Inyo County were few and far between. Some of these site are now dead. Years later, amazingly, some still work. But I remember long hours slowly searching the interenet with a 14.4 dial-up connection to come up with the slim pickings you see here. I would have liked more links, but there just weren't any. How times have changed.

At one time, for almost a year, when you searched for either Death Valley or Inyo County, the Darwin web site always came up first because there was just so little about Inyo County or Death valley online.]

Inyo Council for the Arts
Owens Valley Radio Observatory

Authors, relevant
A's Web. Abbey's Web has everything you ever wanted to know about the plainspeak curmudgeonly dean of the Western novel and essay, protector of the shrinking Western frontier and all-around militant conservationist. (Yes, Edward Abbey really was buried in his sleeping bag somewhere in the Arizona desert, and, yes, the epitaph really is "no comment.") The Web site has Abbey quotes for all occasions and hard-to-find books by the horny bard of the desert hisself. Not to mention links to purveyors of Abbey fridge magnets and extra-large T-shirts in homage (grab Bonnie Abzug before she's gone forever). Don't miss it.

Taliaferro, Charles — author of the Sierra Outdoor Guide series.
Silver Star Land and Cattle Company
If there's any land or houses for sale in Darwin, chances are that you'll find them listed here. Also has the latest on what's up with Darwin Museum, late of Darwin now of Lone Pine.
High Sierra LiveCams
Palmdale Cam
Somewhat distant from Darwin, true, but you can always check the cam for weather conditions before heading for Darwin if you're coming from the L.A. area or the Antelope Valley.
Cities, see towns and cities
Darwin-related (ain't much)
Darwin Falls
Check out what Ridgecrest folks think of Darwin Falls.
Going Great Ghosts
Darwin gets a brief mention.
Microsoft Terra Server
Download a wall-sized photo for junior's bedroom of a spy plane's view of downtown Darwin.
Take an exciting four-wheel-drive trip to Darwin

Defying description
Chemicals, top five used in Inyo County in 1994

Dust storms, see Geology and Weather
Educational resources of Inyo County
Moths of Inyo County
It doesn't get any more exciting than this.

Bristlecone Pines, Ancient
California Wildflower Hotsheet
Up-to-the-minute reports pinpoint the best blooms.
Sticky Lipfern (Cheilanthes viscida Davenp.)

Microsoft Terra Server

1872 Inyo County (Lone Pine) Earthquake
Dust Storms caused by Owens Dry Lake
Gem and Mineral Company
A commercial site that shows off Owens Valley mineral wealth.
Ventura Gem & Minerals Society checks out Inyo County
White Mountains Geology

Government, federal
Bureau of Land Management, Bishop Field Office
Government, local
Inyo County Planning Department
Guitar cables, best in the world
Death Valley Cable Company
Thousands of customers say they hear the difference
: The reviews are in: A handmade Death Valley Guitar Cable is the must-have cable for any guitarist or bassist who wants the best sound possible in the studio or on stage. Death Valley Cables earned the title of "world's best guitar cable" with their trademark crystal-clear, high-def throughput. The unmistakable full-frequency response comes from painstaking manufacturing techniques and using the best materials on the planet — including hand-insulated wires in the plug housings and pure copper cores in the plugs. Nothing maintains signal quality like pure copper, and NOTHING sounds like a Death Valley Cable. Buy one today — hear the difference and see the quality for yourself: .
History, see also Rock Art
Historical landmarks in Inyo County
Hotels, see Lodgings
Alabama Hills Inn
Burro Inn
Furnace Creek Resort
Panamint Springs Resort
Maps, see Geography
Motels, see Lodgings
Maturango Museum


Daily Independent

Inyo Register

Organizations, non-governmental, formal
China Lake Mountain Rescue Group
Organizations, non-governmental, informal
Cerro Gordo Native Plant Society
Desert Survivors
Personal Web sites of interest, see also Organizations, non-governmental, informal
Ghost Towns and Other Adventures
Ripley, the squirrel-eating dog, writes about exploring California and Nevada ghost towns.
Ghost Town Explorers
Ghost Towns of the West
Roman's Ravings
Turkey Tales
Olanchans in Turkey.


Death Valley, see also Geology and Hotels
B-24 midair collision near Furnace Creek
Death Valley National Park
DesertUSA Death Valley Pages
Geology of Death Valley

Federal bureaucrats puzzle over the fate of lands placed under National Park Service control with the 1994 passage of the California Desert Protection Act. Speak up now or forever hold your peace. NEMO is "Northern and Eastern Mojave Planning Effort" in Washington acronym-ese.
Queer bikers invade Death Valley
Sinister Sliding Stones
Interagency Visitor Center
If you're ever in the area, this place has the best selection of books, maps and videos--many of them just about impossible to find elsewhere--about the Eastern Sierra and Death Valley.  And, yes, they do have Robert P. Palazzo's book on Darwin.  At $15, it's a steal.
Saline Valley
B-24 crash
Goleta Air and Space Museum
See all manner of military aircraft screech through Saline Valley.
Saline Valley from outer space
White Mountain Research Station
Real estate, see Businesses
Regional Web sites
California Wildflower Hotsheet
Up-to-the-minute reports pinpoint the best blooms.
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Owens Valley Gazette
There's more area info here than you can shake a creosote branch at, including RealAudio news broadcasts by your fave KBIS-FM on-air personalities.  (Wish they told me this before I spent over $300 for antennas, rotors and signal amplifiers and then spent two days on the roof installing the whole mess, only to pull in a buzzy scratchy barely discernible KBIS signal.)
Roads and traffic, see transportation
Rock art
Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.
Towns and cities
Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors' Bureau
Bishop Home Page
Gateway to Garlock
Home of Darwin's nearest McDonald's, K-mart and supermarkets.
Trona on the Web
After Virtual Darwin, I guess it was just a matter of time. What next, Cyber Cartago?
Traffic, see transportation
CalTrans highway reports
Los Angeles traffic reports
Don't leave home without it, if home is L.A., that is.
Overview of Inyo County roads
Traffic statistics for Inyo County roads
U.S. 395 page
Inyo and White Mountains Railroad
Dams in Inyo County


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